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The ss command is not necessarily specific to Backtrack but is typically included in most Linux or UNIX distributions. This is definitely a core utility though that should be in any pen testers arsenal as it provides great information about any type of socket socket including DCCP sockets, RAW sockets, TCP sockets, UDP sockets and UNIX sockets. There are various switches that are useful based on the task and below I go into multiple examples of using switches for different scenarios.

Code Snippets

Init Script To Run Django FastCGI Threaded On A TCP Port

I have been messing around with Django over the past week and experimenting with various settings. I first ran Django using mod_ptyhon from Apache but the results were unimpressive. Apache served the Django project’s pages extremely slow using the Apache mod_python module. After some reading I decided to give the Apache mod_fastcgi module a try to see if the results were any better. I was definitely happier with the web page load time so I then decided to experiment with various FastCGI settings.