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Set debconf Variable To Avoid libphp-adodb Warning Pop-up On AcidBase Install

When installing the acidbase package on Ubuntu Linux there are numerous popups that require answers. Some of those variables are covered in this article however there is one that when searching debconf selections for it isn’t listed with acidbase so it can be harder to locate. Below I display the popup in question and describe how to setup a debconf variable to get around it.

Technology Insights

List Of Ubuntu snort debconf Variables

I find myself on a regular basis looking for various debconf variables to set before installing packages on Ubuntu. This is typically to not have to type in the answers on the various configuration screens or because I want to script an install of some package. If the package has never been installed before on that specific server then the debconf variables will not display. You can always login to another server where the package is installed to see the variables but I am going to start posting information for common packages here so others can easily find them when searching.

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Snort Configure Error: ERROR! dnet header not found – CentOS Linux

Earlier when installing snort on a CentOS Linux server I ran into a configure error. The error related to the fact that libdnet was not located on the server and while it was installed I did not have the libdnet-devel package installed. Below is the sample output from the configure error, an expandable complete output of the configure error, and the yum command to install libdnet-devel to move past this error when installing snort.