Technology Errors

Slicehost Pro iPhone App: Connection Failure: Please Check Your Network Connection Or API Host Settings

I downloaded the Slicehost Pro iPhone application a long time ago and didn’t have much time at that point to look into what the issue might be. After not getting the Slicehost iPhone app working immediately I pretty much forgot about it until I needed it recently. This time around I spent more time looking into what the issue might be and as able to come up with a solution fairly regularly. Below I describe the error in detail, how to resolve the error, and another possible error you might see including the resolution if you do see the second error.

Technology Insights

How to Add a Secondary IP Address to a SliceHost VPS

First off you can add multiple IP’s to each SliceHost VPS. Adding the secondary IP address to a SliceHost Virtual Private Server (VPS) is easy. Open the SliceManager control panel and click the Help tab to open a support ticket. In the ticket state that you want a secondary IP, the justification for it, and that you understand it will cost $2/month. Typically support responds very quickly and will configure the secondary IP address for you.

Typical justification would be that you are running a web server and need to have multiple SSL certificates.

Technology Errors

fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)

I was attempting to clone a github repo on a Slicehost account and received the error below. Its possible that recently updated DNS so if this happens to you then you can use the temporary fix I located on github’s twitter account.

Error:fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)

This error was caused by attempting to clone edavis10’s redmine repo using the command below.


  1. git clone git://