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Skype: Number Not Recognised. Go to the Call Phones Tab to Enter the Number and Send SMS.

You can SMS message people using Skype though it ends up costing money per text message so I rarely use the feature. To be able to SMS message contacts or call contacts in your Skype contact list you used to have to synchronize these contacts via Outlook but now you can also enter “Phone Number” only contacts in Skype. If the number is not entered properly in the Outlook contact then Skype will tell you that it does not recognise the number and require you to dial it manually or you could fix the number to allow for one click dialing of this contact or for you to be able to SMS message this Skype contact. The error is shown in the below image at the bottom of the Skype window.

Technology Insights

Turn Off Skype Pop Up Advertisement Messages As Well As Skype Tip And Help Messages

By default the Skype application enables two annoying configuration items that can be in the way when using Skype. The first item is labeled Skype Promotions and will pop up an window over the top of your Skype friends list that offers deals typically on Skype services. The second item is labeled Help and Skype tips which is less annoying than the Promotions pop over however it still can get in the way and visiting the Skype support site will provide the same results. Both of these items are configured in the Skype client under Alerts & messages. An example of a Skype Promotion is displayed below and as you can see it will hover right over your Skype friends list.

Technology Insights

What Is The Skype Web Features Application on Windows and Can It Be Removed?

I was looking into all of the applications installed on my Windows XP laptop and noticed Skype Web Features which I was unfamiliar with so I looked into the details. I wanted to know specifically what the Skype Web Features application did, how it was related to Skype itself, and if I could and/or should remove the application.

It appeared to me to be an add-on by Skype which if this was the case is annoying since I am not a fan of when you install an application if it also installs secondary applications without your full knowledge. Typically in this scenario the application add-on is not necessary as if it was it would be built into the primary application itself.

Technology Insights

How To Redeem Coupon Vouchers That Come With FREETALK® TALK-5068 Web Cams

I recently purchased the FREETALK TALK-5068 buddy pack as they call it which includes 2 web cameras, 2 headsets, and 2 vouchers for Skype minutes. Let me start by saying that the web cameras are awesome and the kit was definitely worth the money. The cameras have a rubber bendy base in the form of a body with arms and legs so you can easily stand the camera up on your desk, sling the arms over your laptop screen, etc.

Technology Insights

Skype: Get a List of Voicemail, Delete Skype Voicemail

The newer versions of Skype, which include version 4 and above, appear to not provide a way to list or delete voicemail messages. There are two options I have come up with to resolve the issue of managing Skype voicemail messages. I would think that Skype will resolve this issue in the near future however it has already taken longer than I would have thought to provide a solution to users to manage voicemail. I am currently running Skype version so the below information is based off of that Skype version which at the time of writing this article is the most current. I recommend using option two which includes a third party piece of software so you still get the benefits of the latest release of Skype.

Downgrade Skype: