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Upgrade Firmware On Linksys PAP2T-NA

I have a client with a Cisco 2811 with primarily Cisco 7960 phones configured off of it. Recently hey switched their telecommunications┬áprovider but didn’t get a POTS line for the fax machine. I am going to try to configure a PAP2T-NA to convert from SIP to POTS for the fax machine to see if it works but first wanted to make sure he PAP2T-NA had the latest and greatest firmware on it. Upgrading the firmware is really easy with an application that is downloaded with the firmware itself. Follow the directions below to upgrade the firmware on your Linksys PAP2T-NA.

Technology Insights

Set Up a SPA-2000 With Gizmo5 and Google Voice for Free VoIP Service

Recently Gizmo5 added the ability to configure your Google Voice account within the Gizmo5 interface which allows for you to configure any SIP device (soft or hardware) to have free voice. I happened to have a SPA-2000 around so the below describes how to configure a Sipura SPA-2000 using Gizmo5 and a Google Voice account for free voice. For this howto you will need a SPA-2000, a account, and a Google Voice account.

Technology Insights

Configure Fring on iPod Touch with Broadvoice SIP Service

Some people may wonder if their Broadvoice SIP account will work with Fring. The answer is yes. Other people may wonder if VoIP will work on their iPod Touch and again the answer is yes. Follow the easy steps below to configure Fring on your iPod Touch with Broadvoice VoIP service. Apple is coming out with a headset/mic combo for the iPod Touch but any second generation iPhone headset with a mic should work.

  1. Install Fring: Download Fring from iTunes and install Fring on your Touch.
  2. Install Addon: Click the More button after launching Fring