Code Snippets

Add New Item To Backtrack Linux Backtrack Menu

I recently wrote an article about how to fix btscanner in Backtrack Linux and realized after the article was completed that some people may prefer to launch btscanner via the menu in Backtrack Linux instead of the command terminal by typing btscanner. This article specifically explains how to add btscanner back to the menu in Backtrack Linux under Backtrack > Information Gathering > Wireless Analysis > BlueTooth Analysis > btscanner. The information could however apply to any tools you wanted to manually add to the Backtrack menu by modifying each variable accordingly.

Information Security

smbclient – Backtrack 5 – Information Gathering – Network Analysis – SMB Analysis –

In the Backtrack menu under Information Gathering > Network Analysis > SMB Analysis there is a menu item named smbclient which should actually be named While the script does actually use smbclient it provides a different interface, commands, no switches, etc. making it fairly different than smbclient itself. While both smbclient and are supposed to provide the same end results they don’t because is extremely buggy so I will be writing an article on each so there is no confusion.

Technology Errors

Fast Secure Contact Form Error – Could not read CAPTCHA token file. Try again.

After upgrading the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin for WordPress you should definitely test to make sure things are working properly because you likely will receive an error when submitting the contact form if you are using the built in captcha. The error which is explained in more detail complains of not being able to read a token file. Below we describe how to quickly resolve the Fast Secure Contact Form captcha error.

Technology Insights

Change Default Text Editor In BackTrack Linux To vi

Changing the default text editor to vi on Ubuntu is fairly easy however it may be tricky depending on how it has been set since there are numerous ways. In BackTrack Linux for instance the default editor is set using select-editor so if you follow another Ubuntu Linux howto it may tell you to modify the default editor using update-alternatives. Below I describe setting the default text editor using both of the mentioned methods and note a couple other locations where it can be set.

Technology Insights

Install Clear On Windows Using Cygwin, Use Clear To Reset Console Output

When I SSH to Linux servers I use the clear command a lot. This allows me to quickly reset the shell interface so there is no output so depending on if I have typed the incorrect command numerous times or the screen is filled without from something like the locate command I find it really useful to reset the interface so the screen is blank again without having to hit enter 50 times. On all of my Windows machines I have Cygwin installed to provide as much of a Linux feel as possible however I never have taken the time to figure out what installs the clear command so I could have the same luxury of clearing the windows Command Prompt or the Console2 application I use on a regular basis. Below I describe how to install clear on Windows using the Cygwin application.