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Update WordPress Amazon Product in a Post Plugin 2.X to Amazon Product in a Post Plugin 3.X

If you use the Amazon Product In A Post Plugin on WordPress you might have either not upgraded yet or decided to not upgrade because the shortcode syntax has changed. You can get around not upgrading by updating the WordPress post content immediately after you upgrade the Amazon Product In A Post Plugin. Below I describe the version that I upgraded and the MySQL syntax used to update the shortcode syntax to display Amazon products in WP posts.

Technology Insights

Disable Emoticons In XChat, List Of XChat Emoticons

Emoticons get on my nerves so when I typed “:)” in a new install of XChat the other day I was pretty annoyed. Luckily disabling emoticons in XChat is easy and in the first part of this article I explain doing so. After disabling them I was curious what emoticons actually come configured with XChat for Windows so I tracked down where the emoticons were configured and then checked out the list of available emoticons which is described in the second part of the article.

Technology Errors

WordPress database error Duplicate entry X for key yarpp_content for query UPDATE wp_posts SET, MySQL Error

Today I was adding a note to a WordPress article I had written a couple of days ago and it appeared to POST without issue after I clicked the Update button in the WordPress admin. I went to the front-end of the site to verify the new content formatted correctly and to my surprise it wasn’t displaying so I figured I must have left a HTML tag or something open since I didn’t get any errors within the WordPress admin when I clicked the Update button for the Post. After further review the content didn’t exist and it appeared that the article had not posted the update at all since there were zero revisions from today. Fixing the problem is easy by using the below information that describes where I located the error, the error itself, and how to resolve it by issuing a single MySQL command.

Technology Insights

Modify Every Row In A MySQL Table By Adding Data To The Front Of Each Column

Last night I was working on a project for a customer where the application was going to reference external images after the changes I made. One of the custom parts of the project included modifying the thousands of rows that currently existed in the MySQL database. I needed away to modify one of the columns in a MySQL database table by adding data to the front of that column in each row.