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Retrospect Backup Software For Windows: Error 505 Backup Client Reserved

As noted in a previous article I was tasked by a client with figuring out why their Retrospect Backup software for Windows was not working properly. Since I was not familiar with Retrospect I had to troubleshoot from the beginning. I started troubleshooting on the Windows 2003 R2 server running Retrospect and was able to easily see the log files showing the errors backing up one of the companies Exchange servers. When I attempted to manually backup a single mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange server I was receiving the same errors. Below I describe the Retrospect backup error and then explain step by step how I was able to resolve the error.

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Disable Windows 7 Indexer, Disable Windows 7 Search

Windows 7 is by far the best Windows version to date however depending on the computer that is powering the Windows 7 it can be fairly bulky at times. My personal laptop is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and has more than enough power to handle Windows Search however I have an SSD hard drive and in an attempt to preserve the drive as long as possible I decided to turn off Windows Search or the Windows Indexer to cut down on writes to the hard drive itself. Turning Windows Search off is easy in Windows 7 following the directions below.

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Remove Documents Stuck In Windows Printer Queue, Printing Document Status Stuck At Deleting

The issue of documents being stuck in the Windows print queue has a similar solution as an article I wrote a couple days ago regarding deleting Windows Printer Ports. If you are an Information Technology administrator for Windows computers you have definitely seen at one time or another documents stuck in someones print queue. You can pause the document and then delete it most of the time however in certain scenarios the document will stay in queue until you reboot. Instead of rebooting I offer another solution below to remove documents stuck in the Windows printer queue.

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Stop Amazon Jungle Disk Backup Application From Starting Automatically On Windows 7

I have been using Amazon’s Jungle Disk as a backup application for awhile now and have been really satisfied by how it has worked to date. I first used Jungle Disk on Windows XP primarily but now I have it configured and working properly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I not only was using the backup portion of Jungle Disk but I also had the online drive configured as well on multiple computers but I found that I rarely used the drive so I have been investigating the configuration and resources that the application uses.