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Wave Security: There Are No Active Fingerprints Registered For This User

I recently reinstalled Windows XP Professional on a Dell D420 that has a biometric fingerprint scanner which is utilized by Wave Systems Embassy Security Suite with the Dell Trusted Platform Module(TPM). I thought I had it working properly after the reinstall but I kept running into errors so I attempted to follow the documentation to delete users, enroll fingerprints different ways, and other instructions that I could find on the Wave Systems web site. I seemed to always end up at the same place which was I could type in a password or swipe my fingerprint but when the attempt was made to automatically login to Windows XP a error would pop up stating that no fingerprints were active for this user. Once I clicked the OK button on the error I could swipe the exact same fingerprint and I would login to Windows without issue. Below are details regarding the error, other steps I attempted to resolve the issue, and the final steps that resolved my problem.