Technology Errors

AWS SSH Key Login Failed Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic)

Having trouble logging into an AWS instance using an SSH key? I was too and when I finally figured out what the issue was I was kicking myself. Recently I was called to assist figuring out information about a clients AWS deployment for a project where the original developers were no longer available or answering questions. Most of the instances that I initially worked on had no issues once I was able to obtain the correct SSH key pem file from Amazon. When the project was closing down I was asked to assist backing things up and it appeared the SSH key was failing for two of the instances which also happened to be the oldest two instances (2 years old). Below I describe the error I was seeing via SSH as well as the easy resolution to the problem.

Technology Insights

Change Vandyke’s SecureCRT Stored SSH Passwords On Mac OSX Via OSX Keychain

The SSH passwords for SecureCRT on OSX are stored via the OSX Keychain. It would be nice if you could change these stored SSH passwords via the SecureCRT interface however I was unable to locate a way to do this. Instead you have to open the OSX Keychain and modify the SSH passwords via this interface instead. Below are instructions on modifying a stored SecureCRT SSH password on OSX.

Technology Insights

Install Prolific USB To Serial Adapter Drivers On OSX Lion, PL-2303 Mac Drivers

Tonight I needed to console into a old Cisco 2900 switch to test a couple password related items and it was the first time that I would be using  USB to Serial adapter on my Macbook. Previously there had been a lot of issues with the adapter I have, which is a PL-2303, and getting the right drivers installed on Windows 7 64-bit so I was thinking there might not even be drivers available for OSX Lion. After a little research I cam across an article that purehate had written on QD however after following the instructions in the article the USB to Serial adapter still was not working. Below is information on installing newer drivers that will work on OSX Lion.

Technology Insights

Convert Amazon Web Services Private RSA Key For Use With SecureCRT

When I first was working with an Amazon Web Services instance at EC2 I was getting frustrated trying to use SecureCRT to connect to the AWS instance. When you configure an instance you are required to configure an Amazon EC2 key pair which will allow you to connect to your instances via SSH.  The problem is once you receive the key pair via download it will not work with SecureCRT so you need to convert it to a public key to work. I did a lot of searching and didn’t find much but the below worked for me.

Technology Errors

Error copying file from packed archive C:/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

When attempting to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows XP using the One-Click installer provided by EnterpriseDB I received the below error.

Error copying file from packed archive C:/downloads/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

After receiving this error I aborted the upgrade at which time Windows popped up the below error.