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How to Delete Specific Items From Your Google Search History

If you have enabled the Google Search History feature then every time you search for anything via Google then it will be stored and you can browse this data at a later date. At some point when you sign up for a Google account you will be asked if you want to enable the Google History feature which can be enabled or disabled at any time. The cool thing about this is everything you do will be tracked so if you visited a site a month ago but you cannot remember specifically what it was you can actually go back in your Google History to obtain the details about that site so you can visit it again. Google History will also allow you to know how often you have searched for a certain term, how many terms you searched for each day on Google, or how many web pages visited every day via Google.

Technology Insights

View Entire Google Toolbar Local Search History

I was having trouble view Google Toolbar local search history past the most recent 15 entries. I have auto complete turned on so if I started typing a couple letters it would show older entries so I knew they existed. I figured the easiest way to get the entire list was to just go to the source file and view the entries there.

Google Toolbar Search History Location on Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Google\Local Search History\google%2Eweb.w

Each user will have their own Google Toolbar local search history so just replace “user” in the directory path above to view each users local search history.