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Verify PHP Compiled With curl And libcurl Support On A CentOS Linux Server

Every now and then you will probably install an application that has a certain amount of prerequisites that you should verify on your server before beginning installation. Today I needed to verify that PHP was compiled with curl and/or libcurl support to install an application on a CentOS Linux server. I also needed to verify that PHP safe_mode was set to off and PHP register_globals was also set to off. The easiest way to verify PHP settings is to create a temporary PHP file that calls the phpinfo function and displays the results on a web page. Use the information below to verify that PHP is compiled with curl support on CentOS Linux or any other Linux server.

Technology Errors

WordPress File Upload Error: The uploaded file could not be moved to

When attempting to upload files via the WordPress admin to your blog you might receive the below error. This error can be caused for a couple different reasons of which the main reason relates to permissions. Resolving the issue is a security risk but depending on how convenient you want it to be to upload files will depend on if you should use the WP admin or if you should just FTP the files to your blog site.

Error: WordPress File Upload Error: The uploaded file could not be moved to /wordpress/root/wp-content/uploads/2009/04

Below I list two different causes and resolutions for each one.