Information Security

goofile – Backtrack 5 – Information Gathering – Web Application Analysis – Open Source Analysis – goofile

The goofile Backtrack menu item ( Backtrack > Information Gathering > Web Application Analysis > Open Source Analysis ) is a great little Python script that provides easy access and results from one of Google’s Advanced Searches. During the information gathering phase of a penetration test it provides a great method to collect data about your target by searching a domain for specific file types. Below we describe goofile in more detail and provide an example of how goofile works.

Technology Insights

Stop GoToMeeting From Saving All Chat Logs On Windows 7

I was browsing some folders on my Windows 7 PC today looking for something and noticed a bunch of RTF (Rich Text Format) files in my users “My Documents” folder. After a bit of investigation I realized that they were GoToMeeting chat logs that I wasn’t even aware were being saved. I guess by default the GoToMeeting software saves a chat log for every meeting in rich text format which is annoying because if you are in a bunch of meetings the files just pile up. Things wouldn’t be as bad if the chat logs were appended to the same file but generating a new file for each chat by default just doesn’t seem like the most user friendly way to do things. Follow the simple directions below to turn off the GoToMeeting chat logs.