Technology Insights

Use CSS To Make Text Wrap Around An Image, Insert Image In A Paragraph

Earlier today while working on an e-commerce store for a client I was adding a couple simple content pages such as the typical “About Us” page. Anyhow I don’t use CSS on a daily basis so I typically forget the various syntax and/or tags that I need to use to accomplish certain tasks. In this case I needed to add a couple head shot images to the bio section of the About Us page and wanted the text to wrap around the head shot images. This is easy to do but I wanted to note for others and for future reference for myself.

Technology Insights

GoogleDocs Spreadsheet: Add 1 to a String That Includes Letters, for Sequential Serial Numbers

GoogleDocs is awesome. There is nothing better than storing all of your spreadsheets, documents, forms, and presentations in an online secure location. Not only that but you can open and edit from any PC in the world at any time without having to worry about access, etc.

Today I was creating a spreadsheet on GoogleDocs to list account numbers and serial numbers that were sequential though they also contained letters. An example of the set of numbers I was trying to enter quickly is listed below.