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svn: Syntax error parsing revision using svn+ssh

I was trying to check out from one of my project repositories this morning and I kept getting the below error.

I have never had this problem before and it drove me insane for about 1 hour. I just could not figure out what the problem was because the same repository was working just fine the other day. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon a post with the solution and its extremely simple.

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Lacie 2Big Network NAS Device: Shares Not Displaying In The Admin Interface

A small business I with has a Lacie 2Big Network NAS device which they use as a place for users personal folders and a company wide share. The Lacie 2Big Network has a lot of features for a little device that I initially though was basically nothing more than an external hard drive. This is not the case though and the Lacie 2Big Network functions as a feature full Network Access Server for small businesses. The software on the device though had been causing lots of problems including not allowing me to configure new users on existing shares, slow file transfers, and automatically logging me out from the web admin interface. The main issue though was the device was basically stuck in its current configuration since I could not add new users to shares. Below I describe the software that was on the device followed by a software update that resolved all of the issues.

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git: Show Details of a Previous Commit, git log Details

Below is information regarding the use of the git log command. There are numerous git log options described below including showing a single revision, a certain number of revisions, revisions since a certain date, and showing more details about revisions. The git log command can be useful to see specifically what has been checked in to the repository just for a revision history or to verify that the proper changes have been made.

Show Previous Commits:


  1. git log

This will show a listing of previous revisions for the current branch.

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Get the Latest Git Repository Tag

To obtain the latest git repo tag issue the below command. In my case this is how we list the latest master version of what is pushed to our test server or live server. bash [web@server project]# git describe 1.0.0-21-g58c28a4 Our format is main_version-revision-hash which will ensure that all commits are unique. You can issue…