Information Security

Backtrack 4: Information Gathering: DNS: Dnsenum – Enumerate information on a domain and discover non-contiguous ip blocks

Dnsenum is a very robust script which was actually written by one of the Backtrack developers when Backtrack was still a Remote-Exploit Project. The author, Filip (barbsie) Waeytens is a Web Application penetration tester and has extensive experience on the topic of DNS and information gathering. Today we will look at some examples of using Dnsenum to passively gather information on a target.

Technology Insights

Getting Started with Meterpreter

I have recently had a lot of questions on how to effectively use the Meterpreter agent contained in the Metasploit framework. I am by no means a expert at it however I have a pretty good working knowledge of it use. I will try to give a little insight into its use. If you have a more advanced or specific question concerning Meterpreter please feel free to post in the question section and I or someone else will be more than happy to try to answer your question.