Technology Errors

Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open The Outlook Window.

When I booted my Windows 7 laptop this morning to start working on a project everything seemed normal at first. Then I attempted to start Microsoft Outlook 2007 to view any new email and I received an error. At first I assumed that the error was a fluke and if I simply rebooted everything would work properly but this was not the case. I tried numerous different attempts to resolve the issue without success and then one of the easier resolutions I tried worked. After the fix I was using Outlook again in seconds to read and reply to email. Below I describe the error in detail, failed attempts to resolve the Microsoft Outlook 2007 issue, and then finally the command I used to resolve the issue. Before you begin I suggest reading the entire article and attempting fixes in order based on time to complete which will vary based on your computer. All of the below steps were completed on a Windows 7 laptop though the steps should be very similar for any version of Windows running Microsoft Outlook 2007.