Technology Errors

RightScale Stop Recipe From Being Used In RightScript, GIT /tmp/

If you have created a custom RightScript in the RightScale interface that uses git to clone a repository and you are running that RightScript on boot following the RightScale git_repo recipe then you likely are having issues. The problem appears to stem from the fact that the environment variables are not completely cleaned up as expected including $GIT_SSH and possibly others. I have a work around noted below along with a line you can enter in your RightScript to clear the $GIT_SSH ENV variable as well.

Technology Errors

svn co Error: Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted

When attempting to sync a repo to a server or to your desktop you will receive an error if the certificate being used to protect the HTTPS repository URL is not issued by the proper authority. Many companies generate their own certificates for repository URL’s especially if the repository is primary used internally. In this example I was attempting to sync a repository using SVN to a folder on the desktop of my Macbook Pro running OSX Mountain Lion. Below I describe the error in more detail followed by resolution to the svn certificate error.

Technology Errors

apt-mirror: can’t chdir to skel at /usr/bin/apt-mirror line 372

Following up to the article written yesterday you will likely have also received this error if you also received the error regarding the apt-mirror.lock file when attempting to mirror a repository on Ubuntu Linux using apt-mirror. The current error relates to the fact that a skel directory does not exist in the root directory of the repo you are attempting to create. Below the error is described in more detail as well as instructions for fixing it by creating the skel directory.

Technology Insights

Install ATRPMS Yum Repository On CentOS Linux

The ATrpms repository provides many bleeding edge software packages so if you have a development server where you install new apps this repo can be very useful. The instructions are not 100% clear about how to install this repository on CentOS Linux which would also be the same on RedHat Linux but not on Fedora Linux. Anyhow the example used on the ATrpms site relates to Fedora so the repo file needs to be modified to work on CentOS as noted below.