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Get A Refund For An App Purchased From The iTunes Store

The question has come up numerous time on how to get a refund on an iPhone app or iPod Touch app purchased from the iTunes store so I decided to write a quick howto. After completing the below process Apple should respond within a couple days and refund your money with a week or so as long as the request for a refund is valid. It is possible you won’t get a response at all if the request to refund the cost of the application is not valid. Follow the directions below to complete a refund request for applications purchased from the iTunes Store.

Technology Insights

View iTunes Store Purchase History, Report a iTunes Store Order Problem

You must login to iTunes to view your iTunes store purchase history. Viewing your purchase history can serve many purposes however one of the most important is the ability to contact the iTunes store customer service department about a specific order. In my case I accidentally paid for a iPod Touch upgrade that I had already received for free. I actually thought it was a new upgrade that wasn’t installing properly when in fact I already had the upgrade installed so I had paid $9.99 for an upgrade that I already had installed. It was a little bit confusing about how to contact support regarding this error on my part so I wanted to note it on this site. Follow the instructions below to view purchase history and then contact iTunes store customer service regarding an order.

View iTunes Purchase History and Contact Support Regarding an Order: