Technology Errors

WordPress database error Duplicate entry X for key yarpp_content for query UPDATE wp_posts SET, MySQL Error

Today I was adding a note to a WordPress article I had written a couple of days ago and it appeared to POST without issue after I clicked the Update button in the WordPress admin. I went to the front-end of the site to verify the new content formatted correctly and to my surprise it wasn’t displaying so I figured I must have left a HTML tag or something open since I didn’t get any errors within the WordPress admin when I clicked the Update button for the Post. After further review the content didn’t exist and it appeared that the article had not posted the update at all since there were zero revisions from today. Fixing the problem is easy by using the below information that describes where I located the error, the error itself, and how to resolve it by issuing a single MySQL command.

Technology Insights

“Page Failed to Load” When Trying to Run Control Panel Applications

Today I was working on a Vista laptop and I encountered the error “page failed to load” while trying to open many of the control panel icons. I thought at first maybe the permissions for the user were screwed up even though the user was an administrator. So next I enabled the administrator account and booted into that only to find that the issue was still there. The problem was specifically happening when I tried to select user accounts. In my searching I found may so called “solutions” but none of them survived a reboot. Below I show how I repaired the file system to fix this error.

Technology Errors

Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open The Outlook Window.

When I booted my Windows 7 laptop this morning to start working on a project everything seemed normal at first. Then I attempted to start Microsoft Outlook 2007 to view any new email and I received an error. At first I assumed that the error was a fluke and if I simply rebooted everything would work properly but this was not the case. I tried numerous different attempts to resolve the issue without success and then one of the easier resolutions I tried worked. After the fix I was using Outlook again in seconds to read and reply to email. Below I describe the error in detail, failed attempts to resolve the Microsoft Outlook 2007 issue, and then finally the command I used to resolve the issue. Before you begin I suggest reading the entire article and attempting fixes in order based on time to complete which will vary based on your computer. All of the below steps were completed on a Windows 7 laptop though the steps should be very similar for any version of Windows running Microsoft Outlook 2007.