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Unable To Remove AVG 8.5 From Windows Computer: Error Avg9DetectedDlg

A client computer recently had an issue launching Internet Explorer. Every time that you would click on Internet Explorer or Firefox the browser would attempt to launch and then immediately close. I finally decided to try and update AVG Antivirus and Antispyware but the update failed. At this point I was pretty sure that AVG was the issue so I attempted to uninstall AVG which also failed. Below I describe more information about the AVG uninstall error and how to remove AVG 8.5 from a Windows computer.

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Uninstall The WordPress WP-Forum Plugin And Cleanup WP-Forum MySQL Tables

I have been using the WP-Forum WordPress plugin for along time now and even though I am moving away from using it I do still think its a great plugin. There are two reasons I am getting away from it which include the fact that it does not validate using the W3C Markup Validation Service and the main reason is because we have launched Engage which will allow users an easier way to interact with Question Defense.

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What Is The Skype Web Features Application on Windows and Can It Be Removed?

I was looking into all of the applications installed on my Windows XP laptop and noticed Skype Web Features which I was unfamiliar with so I looked into the details. I wanted to know specifically what the Skype Web Features application did, how it was related to Skype itself, and if I could and/or should remove the application.

It appeared to me to be an add-on by Skype which if this was the case is annoying since I am not a fan of when you install an application if it also installs secondary applications without your full knowledge. Typically in this scenario the application add-on is not necessary as if it was it would be built into the primary application itself.

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Redmine: How to Delete Issue Notes or Delete Issue Comments

Deleting Redmine issue notes or comments is easy even though it isn’t clear on how to do so. The below steps and images describe how to do so.

  1. Open Redmine Issue:First login to Redmine, select the correct project, open the list of issues, and click on the issue with the notes you want to remove. Below is an example issue with numerous test notes added to the end of it.

    Redmine: Issue Notes & Comments 

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Downgrade IE8 to IE7, Downgrade Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 7

Downgrading Internet Explorer 8 Beta is easy to do on Windows XP. You simply need to remove it from Add/Remove Programs via the Control Panel. Follow the directions below to begin and follow through the removal of IE8 Beta.

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs: Open the Control Panel and then double click on “Add and Remove Programs”.
  2. Remove Windows Internet Explorer 8: Scroll down the list of programs until you get to “Windows Internet Explorer 8” and click the Remove button. The application list with IE8 highlighted is shown in the image below.

    Add and Remove Programs List: Windows Internet Explorer 8