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Control Roku From iPhone, Roku iPhone App DVPRemote

We recently purchased a Roku Digital Video Player at our office and have been experimenting with it. The Roku remote is very simple with minimal buttons which is nice in most scenarios but whenever you have to type anything into the Roku it is fairly annoying that there is not a keyboard available. To resolve that issue and require you to have one less remote on your coffee table it is worth checking out DVPRemote which is an iPhone application that lets you take full control of your Roku device. Below is more information regarding DVPRemote including some of the benefits of this iPhone application.

Technology Insights

How to Purchase DirecTV Pay Per View Video On Demand Movies Without a Phone Line

When my DirecTV receivers were initially installed they didn’t have a phone line attached to them however they also did not have Ethernet attached to them. The default a installation technician will use is to have them in the DirecTV system as having a phone line attached. The phone line being attached allows for you to purchase PPV (Pay Per View) movies, VoD (Video on Demand) movies, and used to allow for upgrading of the receiver software. Since I never had a phone line attached to the receiver I would always order my PPV movies online. It also appears that all software updates now happen over the satellite signal to keep your receiver up to date. I always wished I was able to purchase Pay Per View movies directly from my remote to save the hassle of signing into and having to purchase the movie that way.

Technology Insights

Delete a Remote Branch from GitHub

Deleting a remote branch from a GitHub account is easy though I have seen numerous ways listed and only one of them worked for me possibly because of syntax errors. Sometimes a temporary branch may be necessary because of adding a contractor to work on a project or possibly just to pause the current projects to get something pushed out quickly.

Use the syntax below to remove a branch from