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Restoring the Windows 7 Boot Loader After a Dual Boot

A few months ago I made my laptop a dual boot install with Windows & and Ubuntu 10.04. I recently remembered why I dislike dual booting and decided to remove the ubuntu partition. I never use it. When I need Linux I either boot a Virtual Machine or else I ssh to one of my many Linux servers, there is just no good reason to have a dual boot linux system for me. The laptop was booting from Grub so if I would have just deleted the Linux partitions I would have been left with a unbootable system, so I had to rebuild the Windows & boot loader first.

Below I outline my steps for doing so:

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Microsoft Outlook 2007: How To Reinstall Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

I recently wrote an article about an issue I had with the Outlook Mobile Service add-in which comes bundled with Microsoft Outlook 2007. The OMS add-in appeared to cause Outlook to crash numerous times on my Windows 7 computer so I not only disabled it but I removed it. In writing the article I needed to reinstall the add-in so I could get some images to place in the article so people could follow the steps to remove the OMS add-in but I was unable to find any articles explaining anything about removing it or reinstalling it. I figured at some point someone will remove the Outlook Mobile Service add-in and later need to reinstall it so the directions below will allow someone with Outlook 2007 to install the Outlook Mobile Service add-in.

Technology Insights

How to Reinstall Google Toolbar for Internet Expplorer on Windows XP

Recently I had an issue with Internet Explorer loading and the issue was with Google Toolbar. I assume something must have been corrupted when my laptop crashed. Anyhow reinstalling Google Toolbar is easy though there is not technically a reinstall process. You will need to uninstall Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer, download it again, and then Install Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Follow the directions below to reinstall Google Toolbar.