TextMate Find & Replace Using Regular Expressions

While working on a new section of the Question-Defense.com web site that will include articles related to Kali Linux I was creating a menu system that would be similar to the Kali Linux menu system. Once the menu was completed with the necessary content and was visually what I was looking for I needed to go back and make some enhancements for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal was to add a HTML title tag where a HTML alt tag already existed and I knew this shouldn’t be to hard to accomplish using regular expressions via TextMate’s find and replace function. Below I describe the issue in more detail along with the regular expression syntax that can be used to accomplish this in the TextMate find and replace window. Please make sure to backup all files you are going to modify before beginning so you can always rollback if need be.

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Append Or Prepend Text To Every Line In Text File With Notepad++

When I need to use Windows either for Microsoft Office products or some other reason I find myself in Notepad++ a lot. Notepad++ is a great free tool that provides a ton of functionality including the ability to easily add plugins, etc. One great feature of Notepad++ is the Regular Expression capabilities when using find/replace. If you wanted to add data to the beginning of each line or add data to the end of each line you can easily do so using find and replace with Regular Expressions enabled as shown in the below examples.

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bulk_extractor : Backtrack 5: Forensics: Forensics Analysis Tools: bulk-extractor

The bulk_extractor tool is one of the tools on Backtrack that a single article is not going to do it a lot of justice but hopefully after reading the below you will be able to see the benefits and understand basic usage of this amazing tool. The bulk_extractor actually reminds me of various tools such as Power Grep for Windows that can be used in penetration tests to locate private data worth being called out in a deliverable. By no means will the below be a complete howto for the bulk_extractor but again it will attempt to shed some light on its purpose and some easy ways it can be used.

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Append Text To Each Line In Notepad++, Prefix Text To Every Line In Notepad++

Notepad++ is one of my favorite applications on Windows because of all of the functionality it provides. One thing I needed to do recently was to add text to the end of each line in a text file but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it without a little research. Below is information on how to both append data to every line in a text file and how to prefix data to every line in a text file.

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Use Notepad++ To Search For Variables In Documents, Notepad++ Reglar Expressions

I had a document the other day that I needed to search through on my Windows laptop and find specific number combinations that started with a specific three digits and ended with another digit. For example I had a list of thousands of numbers and needed to find any number that matched 333xxx4 where the xxx could be any number combination. At first I wasn’t sure what application I should use on Windows but then I remembered that Notepad++ had regular expression search and replace support. Below is an example of searching for the combination I mention above along with a list of other regular expressions that can be used for matching variables in documents opened with Notepad++.