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Adjust Hybrid SLI Settings Under Power Options on Windows 7

I was working on my new laptop and have been having some crashes. After analyzing some of the dump files I determined that I was having some video driver issues. When I first got the laptop I remember setting the hybrid sli mode to high performance.  After deciding I should probably switch this setting back to the default mode I was not able to find the option to switch it back. I couldn’t remember how I set it in the first place so I did a little googling and it told me there should be a GPU section under the advanced section of power settings.

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Windows: Internet Explorer Icon Missing From Start Menu

Awhile back I upgraded Internet Explorer and ever since the upgrade the start menu icon is showing as a generic default icon. I finally looked into what the issue was tonight and first thought that Windows has released a fix for the issue which you would just need to run an installer and it would resolve the issue. That ended up not fixing my problem however by editing the registry via regedit you can resolve the problem after a reboot. Follow the directions below to fix the Internet Explorer icon in your start menu.

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Get the BIOS Version for Windows XP Computer

Getting the BIOS version for a Windows XP PC is easy using the Registry Editor. You will need to start up the Registry Editor and then drill down into the Registry to locate your BIOS version.

  1. Start Windows Registry:Click the Windows Start button followed by Run. Type in “regedit” and click the OK button. This will launch the Windows Registry Editor.

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How To Remove Embedded Web Browser from:

This article will assist in removing any annoying User Agent displaying for Windows Internet Explorer.

You are probably curious what this is after you saw it in some web logs of some sort. It is likely from a legitimate application you have installed as some form of add-on to Internet Explorer. I did a bunch of reading trying to find out exactly how it got there but ended up concluding that it could have been any number of third party add-ons I have added to IE. So anyhow then I decided I did not want it showing up as my User Agent so I attempted to remove it following the steps below.