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Cannot Delete Properties: Error While Deleting Key

Earlier this week I got into a Windows registry mess because of issues syncing my iPhone with my Windows 7 laptop. For some reason the AutoPlay function stopped working so I had to get into the registry and manually delete some keys. Along the way I ran into Windows Registry Keys that I was unable to delete however by using the directions below you can delete any registry key. Please note that you should not modify anything in your Windows Registry without knowing what you are doing and also without making sure you have backed up the registry before you begin.

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System Restore disabled by Group Policy & Regedit disabled by Group Policy

I had a customers computer in the store today which was a simple windows XP home edition desktop and they wanted to restore the PC to a earlier time. This is normally a simple task however when I went to system restore I recieved the error “System Restore Disabled by Group policy”. Since this was just a normal persons desktop I found this very odd. Next I tried to edit the policy values via the registry and was greeted by another error saying ” Registry Editing has been Disabled by Group policy”. This was starting to get a little annoying so I decided to document my steps to fix this issue.  Now before I get a hundred comments with people saying there is a better way remember there is more than one way to do things and this is just my way.

Below I document the few simple steps to fix this error.

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Get The BIOS Version For A Windows 7 Computer

Getting the BIOS version for a Windows 7 computer can be completed by checking Windows System Information or by verifying it using the Registry Editor. Below we first describe how to open the Windows System Information window to verify your computers BIOS version which includes an example image so you know what to look for. After the System Information method we then describe how to check the Registry Editor to verify the BIOS version.

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Manually Remove Antivirus Soft Virus from a Windows Computer

I had a virus on a machine in the shop today which is very similar to a few previous virus’s we wrote about called personal security and XP Antispyware. The removal process is pretty similar but I decided to write a new post detailing its removal. This virus gives a fake “windows” security alert and then suggests you run or download a product called Antivirus Soft. Of course the program is fake and they will steal your bank credentials and do all sorts of other nasty things to you if you decide to buy it. The interesting thing about this program is its always called some thing different so its a little tough to track down. Below I will outline what my particular virus was called and how I got rid of it , however chances are yours may be named something else so you may have to do a little trial and error with the task manager to figure it out.

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VGN-TZ180N Laptop: Matshita UJ-850S CD/DVD RW Drive Not Showing Under My Computer Running Windows XP

An issue I had with a clients laptop after reinstalling Windows XP was the CD/DVD drive was not displaying underneath My Computer. When inserting a CD into the drive you could hear the drive spin up but the drive never displayed underneath Windows XP My Computer window. Initially I thought the issue could be resolved with a file available from the Sony support web site but it did not fix the CD/DVD drive issue. Finally after some research I located a registry edit that did resolve the problem so below I describe how to resolve the issue.