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WordPress Mandigo Theme: Unable To Remove A Excluded Page From Header Navigation

A WordPress site I recently helped develop had an issue related to the header navigation. From a previous request certain pages had been excluded from the header navigation which can be completed in the Mandigo Theme Options section. In Mandigo you can simply check any page to exclude it from the header navigation. Typically if you want to simply add it back to the navigation you remove the check and the page will show in the header navigation in the order in which you have configured it to display using the Order Attribute. In this particular case when I attempted to remove the check and then click the Mandigo Update Options button it appeared to be successful but then the check would still exist in check box I had just removed it from. Below I describe the issue, how I realized what the conflict was, and how to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

ZenCart Ecommerce Store: Web Page Redirect Loop Error, CEON advshipper

During verifying some upgrades I had made to a ZenCart store I ran into some issues during checkout with a couple accounts. The issue was that my browser would get caught in a redirect loop after I added contents to my shopping cart and then attempted to checkout. At first I thought the issue may be with the checkout_process.php file as it was one of the files I had upgraded recently though after a more troubleshooting I determined this was not the case. 

ZenCart Checkout: Browser Redirect Loop Error

Locating the Issue: