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Linux Create Fake Ethernet Interface

There could be numerous reasons to create a fake Ethernet interface on a Linux server though I have heard that people might do so to get around licensing of software that is tied to the MAC address of a specific Ethernet port. You really just enable a dummy Ethernet interface and assign the MAC address to it which is explain in more detail below. The easiest way to do this is to simply assign a MAC address to an Ethernet interface you are not using on your server where the drivers have already been installed automatically. If you do not have a spare Ethernet interface then the instructions below will assist you to accomplish your goal.

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CentOS Linux: Stop Monitor From Going to Sleep Using, Turn Off Powersave

I have a couple of Linux servers at my house and sometimes I will be viewing something on the screen for a long time and will continue to need to look back to the monitor for reference. Anyhow my monitors kept turning off or hibernating after about 15 to 30 minutes. Initially I thought this would be something I could modify in the BIOS of each of these computers but I was incorrect. The way to stop powersave mode in Linux is using the setterm command. Use the syntax below to turn off powersave mode and stop your monitor from going to sleep.

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How To Add Static Routes In CentOS

There are numerous ways to add static routes in Linux (CentOS). The easiest way is via the terminal by using one of the following examples.

How to add a static route for a specific host in Linux.
route add -host gw
route del -host gw