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Need to query Google for vulnerable SQL servers and extract MD5 hashes? The Python script is your tool then. If you are using Backtrack release 5 you will first need install Python 2.4.4 and then fix by following the instructions here and here. Once you have functioning without errors proceed to the example below.

Technology Insights

CHL Yum Repository Not Working On 64-Bit CentOS Linux

Recently we installed a development server running 64-Bit (x86_64) CentOS Linux. One of the things we needed to install was Python version 2.6 without overwriting the default Python version 2.4 on the server. The reason for not wanting to overwrite the default Python version is because other packages such as the Yum Package Manager depend on Python version 2.4. Anyhow in the past I have used the CHL repository for the Python version 2.6 packages because they are compiled to run as python26 or python2.6 and using the python command still launches python 2.4. Anyhow after installing the CHL yum repository as noted here we had issues installing python version 2.6 which I describe below along with how to resolve the issue.