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We have had a couple requests to write a post about readpst which is included in the default path of Backtrack 5 and also located in the Backtrack menu underneath Forensics/Forensics Analysis Tools. The readpst application will read PST files which are also known as Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders and convert them to mbox, MH, or KMail formats. There are various other switches that can be used to output each email into a separate file, include attachments, modify contact formats, be recursive, etc. I will explain basic functionality below along with a couple of the formats and various switches.

Technology Insights

Outlook 2010 Email To Field Auto Complete Not Working, Import NK2 Outlook 2010

I recently completed a reinstall of Windows 7 on my Dell laptop and have been having to reconfigure everything for a couple days to get back up and running the same way I was before the reinstall. One thing I decided to actually upgrade in the process was Microsoft Office from MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010. So far it appears that Office 2010 is much less bulky than 2007 so I am really happy with the upgrade choice even though typically during a reinstall I try not to upgrade many things so if there are any problems it is easier to isolate the issues. One thing that changed in Office 2010 was the nickname cache or the use of NK2 files so you have to actually import your NK2 file into Outlook 2010 for nicknames to start working. Follow the directions below to import your NK2 file into Outlook 2010.

Technology Errors

Cannot Start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot Open The Outlook Window.

When I booted my Windows 7 laptop this morning to start working on a project everything seemed normal at first. Then I attempted to start Microsoft Outlook 2007 to view any new email and I received an error. At first I assumed that the error was a fluke and if I simply rebooted everything would work properly but this was not the case. I tried numerous different attempts to resolve the issue without success and then one of the easier resolutions I tried worked. After the fix I was using Outlook again in seconds to read and reply to email. Below I describe the error in detail, failed attempts to resolve the Microsoft Outlook 2007 issue, and then finally the command I used to resolve the issue. Before you begin I suggest reading the entire article and attempting fixes in order based on time to complete which will vary based on your computer. All of the below steps were completed on a Windows 7 laptop though the steps should be very similar for any version of Windows running Microsoft Outlook 2007.