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Vista Codec Package Is Specifically Developed For Any Computers Running Any Version Of Windows Vista

Tonight I was cleaning up a Windows 7 desktop I use for various development tasks by uninstalling dozens of applications that had been installed over time for testing. On this computer I probably keep one application long term for every 20+ applications that I install so you can imagine how messing the Programs & Features list was. Anyhow when attempting to uninstall one of the applications I received an error stating that the application was specifically designed for Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003 and then would not allow removal of the application to continue. More information regarding the error and how I was able to uninstall the application are included below.

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What Is QualXServ Service Agreement, Can QualXServ Service Agreement Be Uninstalled?

I believe the QualXServ Service Agreement which comes installed on Dell netbooks, laptops, and desktops is really just a PDF file. The PDF file is the service agreement for in-home or on-site repair which typically comes with the purchase of a new Dell computer. When you remove the application from your installed Programs the PDF is removed from your system. I recommend simply copying the QualXServ.pdf file from its default location to another location before removing the application from your computer just in case you happen to need it. Follow the directions below to save the file to a familiar location and then remove the application from your PC.