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How to Make a Patch using Diff

I have had a lot of questions lately about making patches. On Backtrack we get a lot of user submissions and many times we need a patch rather than a modified source file. The reason being is that a patch can be documented and contains the specific changes made to the source file and can also be easily reverted. Patching is also crucial if you fix a bug in a program and would like to submit the fix to the author. In any case being able to create a patch is very  useful if you are working with Linux or any sort of programing stuff.

I decided to make a short post on how to make a patch and apply it:

Technology Insights

Record DirecTV Programs While Not At Home With Your iPhone

If you have ever forgot to record a show on your DVR and missed a game or a show that you really wanted to see you will be happy to know that you can now record programs using your iPhone or any web enabled mobile device to record DirecTV programs. The directions below are specific to DirecTV however they are similar for the mobile web applications as well. The DirecTV iPhone application will allow you to not only browse shows that are upcoming but it will also allow you to record any upcoming shows to any of the DVR’s are your house. Follow the directions below to use your iPhone to record DirecTV satellite tv shows to the DVR’s at your house while you are traveling or simply away from your home.

Technology Insights

The Best Way To Learn To Program

I created this site as a way for people to post errors, get responses, and learn in general. I have been a sysadmin in some sort of capacity for going on 10 years now and am just getting around to tackling being a programmer. Currently I have some shell scripting experience but overall I am just not a programmer. I doubt this will get many responses right away since the site is so new but I wanted feedback on what peoples opinion on the path someone should take to become a programmer. I am mad at myself for not jumping into this earlier but better late than never. I have decided to learn using Ruby and technically Ruby on Rails.