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How To Install Panasonic DP-2330 Drivers And Printer On Windows 7 64-Bit

A client of mine purchased a new laptop running Windows 7 64-Bit OS and needed to have the Panasonic DP-2330 printer they have at his office installed for use. Panasonic has only released beta Windows 7 64-Bit and Windows 7 32-Bit drivers for the Panasonic DP-2330 printer. Even though the drivers are beta they are working without issue after install. Follow the directions below to download the drivers and install them on your Windows 7 computer.

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Print Contacts, Images, Notes, Or Calendar Items Directly From Your iPhone

There are numerous applications that allow you to print pretty much anything directly from your iPhone. Some applications require third party software running on a computer to fully function though. Below I describe three different applications that I use to print items directly from my iPhone or from my iPhone through a computer because each of these applications serve a different purpose. When possibly it is always easiest to print directly from the iPhone but I have yet to find a solid application that will print any type of document directly from the iPhone. Hopefully the below explanations will explain help you decide which application or applications are best for you based on price and functionality.

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Printing from Notepad Provides a “The Handle is Invalid” Error Message

The error message that states “The handle is invalid” can appear for numerous reasons. Directly after this error we attempted to print from MS Word and we were told there as well that a problem with the printer existed. We then remembered that we had just completed a routine patch update to Windows Vista so we decided to look back in the logs. Sure enough one of the items that was upgraded was a printer driver for a Samsung printer.

To resolve this issue we opened up the control panel and selected the Samsung printer to print a test page. Just to note the computer had already been rebooted after the patch upgrade. If it had not been rebooted that would have been the first step. Follow the quick steps below to see how the problem resolved itself for us.