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Brother IS015 GetMiscInfo – 1, Error Installing Brother MFL-Pro Suite Software

While working on a friends computer he asked if I could install the printer software for his Brother printer so I downloaded and attempted to install the Brother MFL-Pro Suite onto his computer. After downloading and unpacking the software I clicked down into what I thought was the correct folder and attempted to run the Setup.exe file to install the Brother printer software but I received an error which is explained below along with the correct information for installing the Brother MFL-Pro Suite software.

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How to Set Up a Brother MFC-5890cn Printer on 64bit Ubuntu Linux

I have just spent about 2 days trying to get my printer at the shop working and I finally did so i figured I would share the results of two days of head bashing on the keyboard.  It seems the MFC-5890cn is not a very popular printer so there are no drivers included with CUPS for it. Normally you can go to Linux Printing and get a PPD file but in this situation the printer was not listed in Linux printing. Below I will outline the steps I used to get this printer going in Linux.

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Modify MFC-5890CN Scan Import To Open Adobe Photoshop Instead Of Microsoft Paint

Earlier today I needed to scan in a receipt at the computer shop so I needed to configure the Brother MFC-5980CN all in one printer on my laptop. One of the things that always gets on my nerves about scanning in documents on most scanners is that by default it opens Microsoft Paint which is the worst application for image editing. Below are directions on how to modify the default application for scanning in images on the MFC-5980CN printer from MS Paint to Photoshop.

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Remove Documents Stuck In Windows Printer Queue, Printing Document Status Stuck At Deleting

The issue of documents being stuck in the Windows print queue has a similar solution as an article I wrote a couple days ago regarding deleting Windows Printer Ports. If you are an Information Technology administrator for Windows computers you have definitely seen at one time or another documents stuck in someones print queue. You can pause the document and then delete it most of the time however in certain scenarios the document will stay in queue until you reboot. Instead of rebooting I offer another solution below to remove documents stuck in the Windows printer queue.