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Install the Latest PostgreSQL Yum Repository for CentOS

Keeping PostgreSQL updated via yum should be done via the pgdg yum repository supplied by The latest CentOS PostgreSQL repo can be viewed here.   You will need to download the repo and then install using rpm as shown below. bash wget rpm -Uhv pgdg-centos-8.4-1.noarch.rpm Another helpful postgresql install and management link is located…

Technology Errors

Error copying file from packed archive C:/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll

When attempting to upgrade PostgreSQL on Windows XP using the One-Click installer provided by EnterpriseDB I received the below error. Error copying file from packed archive C:/downloads/postgresql-8.3.5-2-windows.exe to C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/comerr32.dll After receiving this error I aborted the upgrade at which time Windows popped up the below error.

Technology Insights

Delete All Rows from a PostgreSQL Table

Use the truncate command from the CLI or via PGAdmin to delete all rows from a PostgreSQL database. To use PGAdmin follow the directions here or follow the directions below to truncate the table from the CLI. Connect: Connect to PostgreSQL with psql. Delete Rows: Type the following from the CLI. bash dev=# truncate table <em>table_name</em>…