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Duplicate Data File Showing Twice In Outlook 2010, Same PST Opened Twice In Outlook

Earlier today I was troubleshooting a problem with sent items being displayed twice in my Outlook 2010 mail client. My configuration is definitely not standard and I have had issues before with some accounts putting two sent items in the same folder and some not however today all of the email being sent was showing up in my sent items folder twice. Initially I figured it would be a corrupt Outlook Rule or something similar but when I took at the list of my accounts in the left navigation bar within Outlook I noticed that one of my IMAP accounts was opened twice. I attempted to close one of the instances of the IMAP account without any luck. After messing around for a bit I was able to come up with a solution which is detailed below.

Technology Insights

In Outlook 2007 Save Copy of Sent POP Account Messages to Gmail IMAP Sent Folder

In tune with consolidating all of my email accounts to Gmail I wanted to make sure that any email sent from my machine showed up in my Gmail “Sent Items” folder. I still have multiple POP accounts which can actually be configured on Gmail now however the messages show as “ sent on behalf of” in the FROM field on most email clients. To me this looks horrible and I don’t want other people seeing my personal Gmail account. So instead I still have multiple accounts configured locally in Outlook 2007 but I wanted to make sure that all sent mail was located in one place which would be the “Sent Items” folder of the primary Gmail account.

To accomplish the above was easier than I expected it was going to be by setting up a custom rule in Outlook 2007. All it does is check any email sent from the local machine and moves a copy into the gmail “Sent Items” folder. You can set up a similar rule by following the directions below.