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Upgrade PHP Version 5.1 to PHP Version 5.2 With Yum On a CentOS Server Running ISPConfig

I ran into some errors with my PHP modules on a CentOS server running ISPConfig to host web sites. I decided instead of in depth troubleshooting that it might be easier to go ahead and upgrade PHP since by default the yum package manager will limit you to PHP version 5.1 yet I knew that PHP version 5.2 had been out for a long time. What I needed to do was locate a yum repository that would allow me to upgrade PHP to version 5.2 using yum. The catch was to make sure that every necessary PHP module had an updated package available via the new yum repository. Below I describe upgrading PHP version 5.1 to PHP version 5.2 on CentOS running ISPConfig.

Technology Errors

Description: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given

When attempting to process an order using ClientExec you may get error messages like the following: An error has occurred with the given operation Type: Warning (2) Description: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given Request: POST /signup.php Script: <clientexec-root>/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php Line Number: 198 Stack: var/www/web2/web/client/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php(138) : regexp code (1) : ne_mysql::escape_string <clientexec-root>/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php (138)…

Technology Errors

ClientExec Plugin Leaving Screen Completely White

It has been awhile since I have used ClientExec and the plugin. ClientExec has really come a long way and everything went really smooth until I tried to start testing processing credit card orders. I filled in a new customer and attempted to save a credit card for the new user and the screen would go completely white on submit and not do anything. I wasn’t able to get much from the Apache logs or MySQL logs but finally remembered a couple packages that have to be installed for the Authorize.Net plugin to work.

All of the following can be installed with yum:

yum install libmcrypt php-mcrypt curl