Information Security

PCRE Regex Filters For Kismet On Backtrack Linux

If you decide to remove the default kismet install on Backtrack Linux so you can then compile kismet from source you will be missing some functionality. One of the bits of functionality not installed by default on Backtrack 5 release 3 is the PCRE Regex Filters. You can easily enable this functionality by installing a single package before you run the kismet configure command when compiling the source.

Technology Insights

WordPress External Links Plugin Not Displaying Posts With Lots Of Comments

I just discovered the WordPress External Links plugin and couldn’t be happier with it. The plugin only has a couple functions but the SEO benefit seems to really be amazing. The External Links plugin will add a “nofollow” tag to all of the links on your WordPress blog which tells search engines to not count the link against your page rank. An extra benefit of the plugin is the fact that it adds a small external link icon at the end of each external link so readers of your WordPress blog know that they will be leaving the site. One other function of the plugin is you can make all external links open in a new window though I chose not to enable this because I cannot stand when reading articles and when I click on a link and it opens a new window.