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Compile John the Ripper on x86-64 Cent OS with the Jumbo Patch

I am getting ready for a password contest at Defcon that Alex and I and a few other guys from the Hashcat team are going to enter and I decided to install John the Ripper on a Cent OS box in case I needed it for anything. John is in the yum repos however the version is pretty old and it is not compiled with NTLM support so I decided to build it from source so that i could apply the Jumbo patch which adds support for a whole lot of different algorithms which are normally only available in the pro version of John the Ripper.

Below I show the steps I took to get it compiled and working on Cent OS 64 bit:

Technology Insights

Turn Off Firefox “Do You Want Firefox to remember this password?”

I have been forgetting to turn off the remember password offer by Firefox for a long time. Every single time I login to a site Firefox will drop down a box below the tabs asking “Do you want Firefox to remember your password?”. This can be a convenient feature however  it is a better policy to always type in your password for many reasons. What if someone had access to your computer without your permission and all of your passwords were stored within Firefox? It would only take them a little amount of time before they had access to any site that you had previously logged into. To turn off the offer of remembering passwords in Firefox follow the below instructions.