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When You Sync the iPod Touch Or iPhone Where Are The Backups Stored

By default when youĀ  connect your iPhone or Touch to your Windows PC the device will sync with your iTunes. The sync not only synchronizes certain data as described below but it also does a backup of data stored on the iDevice as well. This backup will allow you to restore most items back to your iPhone or iPod Touch if something happens to the data located on that device. Knowing the location of this data can be important in case you want to also take that data and make another backup off of your computer.

iPhone/iPod Touch Default Backup Locations:

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Turn Off Windows XP and Application Errors from Being Sent to Microsoft

You can disable Windows XP Operating System and application errors from being sent to Microsoft. Even though these errors are confidential and will not have your personal information attached to them disabling the errors will stop you from being prompted to send the errors to Microsoft every time something crashes or you kill a process. Also whenever these errors are disabled from being sent to Microsoft you have the option to either still notify you or to not do so. My recommendation would be that even though you disable the errors from being sent to Microsoft annonymously that you should definitely still beĀ notified of these critical errors.

Follow the below steps which detail how to not send the errors to Microsoft but to still watn you of such errors.

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iPhone iPod Touch: Multiple Apps Open at the Same Time

When I first started researching this it appeared the iPhone and iPod Touch might not be able to run multiple processes, but I was starting to wonder how in the world could that be. This does not appear to be the case though and instead it appears that Apple has set forth some fairly strict guidelines to keep developers from developing applications that eat up tons of RAM by allowing them to run wild with background processes. The iPhone has 128MB of RAM thus it could be chopped down to nothing very quickly by multiple applications running at the same time.