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Restoring the Windows 7 Boot Loader After a Dual Boot

A few months ago I made my laptop a dual boot install with Windows & and Ubuntu 10.04. I recently remembered why I dislike dual booting and decided to remove the ubuntu partition. I never use it. When I need Linux I either boot a Virtual Machine or else I ssh to one of my many Linux servers, there is just no good reason to have a dual boot linux system for me. The laptop was booting from Grub so if I would have just deleted the Linux partitions I would have been left with a unbootable system, so I had to rebuild the Windows & boot loader first.

Below I outline my steps for doing so:

Technology Insights

Install NTFSResize Using Yum on CentOS, NTFSResize to Verify Partition Table

NTFSResize is a very useful tool on Linux when you also have Windows computers in your household. I have had many NTFS hard drives fail over time and its nice to plug them into a Linux server and gain basic information about them. A brief description from the man page is located below and if you want to view the entire man page for all of the switches that are available for ntfsresize simply click on the name.

ntfsresize– resize an NTFS filesystem without data loss