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KeepNote is a great note taking application installed by default in Backtrack Linux. Notes are an important part of security assessments as well as pretty much any technical projects you work on because there is no way to remember everything that happens in hours of working on a project unless you have good notes. KeepNote provides the ability to create multiple notebooks, directories under those notebooks, and associate actual notes to any level of directories underneath the primary notebook.

Technology Insights

Evernote Sync: The Operation You’ve Performed Cannot Be Completed

After recently reinstalling Windows 7 on my laptop I was getting all of my typical applications reinstalled and continued getting a popup error for Evernote after getting it configured. I use Evernote to automatically sync notes I take in Notepad++ remotely to Evernote’s servers so I have a copy of all my notes in real time in a remote location in case anything drastic happens with my laptop. Anyhow I had never seen this error before and all I was doing was syncing the same notes that have been incrementally¬†synced to Evernote for years now. I finally took the time to look in the logs, locate the issue, and easily resolve it by removing the problem notes which I didn’t need any longer anyhow.

Technology Insights

Mac OSX 10.6 Sticky Notes Shortcuts

I love notes. I am the kinda guy that puts notes every where including all over my computer desktop. Mac has a really cool application which is called sticky notes. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I really like it. It has multi colored notes so I can keep my tasks color coded. Today I discovered a really neat feature when using sticky notes.