Technology Insights

Connect To Microsoft SQL Server From OSX

If your daily driver is a Macbook or similar and you also manage a network that has Microsoft SQL Server running on it then it can be useful to login to those MSSQL Servers remotely. Even if its simply to view database layout or verify a service is running properly by actually connecting to it there is no doubt that having an easy method to connect to Microsoft SQL from OSX is beneficial. There are a bunch of JAVA based clients such as SQuirreL SQL Client or SQLRazor that are great applications but I personally use DBVisualizer or Navicat which are both described in more detail below.

Information Security

How To Login To Oracle On Windows 7 When All Oracle Accounts Are Locked

I recently installed Oracle on a Windows 7 computer to test some tools that are available in Backtrack. I am very new to Oracle so it has been a bit of a learning process including the fact that I had no idea you can install Oracle without having to pay any money to download it so I also plan on writing an article on how to do this. Anyhow after the initial Oracle install we were testing oscanner from Backtrack and locked all of the Oracle accounts which was a bummer because I wasn’t sure there was a way to correct the issue. Turns out it is really easy to unlock the Oracle accounts if you have access to the Oracle server so below I describe how to unlock Oracle accounts when it appears they have all been locked.