Technology Insights

Windows Virtual PC DNS Not Working Over Shared Networking NAT

Windows Virtual PC is pretty slick for having virtual machines on a Windows 7 computer. I use it for multiple Linux virtual environments including Backtrack and CentOS on a  regular basis. One issue you may run into is that your wireless network card will likely not work in Linux so you will be required to use shared networking (NAT) instead. Below is information on what you will need to do to get shared networking (NAT) operational in Backtrack Linux.

Technology Insights

How To Preview A GoDaddy Hosting Site Before DNS Has Updated To Point The Domain To The GoDaddy IP

Recently a friend asked me to configure a GoDaddy hosting account for him. We started with purchasing the GoDaddy Hosting account and then I walked through the setup with him. One of the portions of the setup has you point the domain to the proper GoDaddy IP address or you can modify the NS to the proper GoDaddy name servers. So if you want to preview the site before the DNS has updated and you can reach it by domain you have to enable Preview DNS on GoDaddy which is described in more detail below.

Information Security

Backtrack 4: Information Gathering: DNS: Dnsenum – Enumerate information on a domain and discover non-contiguous ip blocks

Dnsenum is a very robust script which was actually written by one of the Backtrack developers when Backtrack was still a Remote-Exploit Project. The author, Filip (barbsie) Waeytens is a Web Application penetration tester and has extensive experience on the topic of DNS and information gathering. Today we will look at some examples of using Dnsenum to passively gather information on a target.