Technology Errors

My Backup Pro For Google Nexus 7 Won’t Accept Email & Password

I downloaded My Backup Pro to use as a secondary backup on my Google Nexus 7 device which is running Android 4.2. When attempting to configure the the email address and password associated to the My Backup Pro account it continued to reject the information I was providing. Initially I thought the password must be too long, which it was, but even after shortening it to the allowed fifteen characters it continued to reject my settings. It ended up being the email address I used not being accepted because it included a “-“. Below I describe a bit more and provide a screenshot of the screen in question.

Technology Insights

Backup Google Nexus 7 To Mac OSX Mountain Lion

I have never had an Android device before so pretty much everything is new to me at this point. I will be writing a bunch of articles regarding the basics of Android and more specifically the basics of Android 4.2 on a Google Nexus 7. In the process of working to root the Nexus 7 I needed to backup everything on the Nexus 7 device including everything that has been configured to date. I also have taken a bunch of screenshots that I wanted to make sure got backed up before I proceed with rooting it. Backing up the Google Nexus 7 is easy but there are a couple steps to make sure you get everything which I have outlined below.