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dnsenum Returning Odd Characters After Installing Options Perl Modules On Backtrack 5

While working on an upcoming article for QD I ran into an issue with the Perl script. I followed the process of installing the optional Perl modules and when I went back to test dnsenum it would no longer return any IP addresses. Instead of dnsenum returning actual IP addresses it was returning odd characters. It turns out there is some form of conflict between and the Net::DNS Perl module. Below I describe the dnsenum issue in more detail and provide a work around by manually downgrading the Net::DNS Perl module by hand.

Information Security

dnschef – Backtrack – Privilege Escalation – Spoofing Attacks – Network Spoofing – dnschef

If you want to spoof some DNS requests then dnschef is the tool to do it. I can never get enough of redirecting innocent Internet surfers to random locations. The main key for dnschef to be extremely useful is the fact that you will have to somehow get the traffic to the Backtrack Linux server running dnschef which could be done by gaining access and modifying DNS entries on a single server or by poisoning the real DNS server on a network. Below we show a couple examples of dnschef in action but overall it is really easy to use and the hard part will be figuring out the method you use to get the DNS (Domain Name Server) traffic to the Backtrack server running dnschef.

Information Security

Backtrack 5: Information Gathering: Network Analysis: DNS Analysis: dnsdict6

Awhile back purehate and myself started writing articles related to Backtrack in an attempt to write a single article about each application available within Backtrack 4. Things came up and we never accomplished that goal so here we go again with a second attempt to write a single article for every Backtrack application. If you have requests for any applications we will move them up in priority so the application you need more information on will have an article released sooner.

With that being said dnsdict6 is a CLI utility that was built to enumerate IPv6 sub domains for a specific domain name. Below I describe the command line switches available and provide examples so you can see what type of output dnsdict6 provides. All commands, examples, and command output has been issued via Backtrack 5 R2.