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Resume Chrome Download, Google Chrome Resume Download Of crdownload Files

Continuing Google Chrome downloads that have been canceled because of a crashed browser, a Windows bluescreen, or some other reason is quite easy by using the tools available via Linux. The primary tool used to continue downloading files on a Linux computer is called wget and can be obtained for Windows using the information below. If a Chrome download has been cancelled for some reason you can continue downloading the file using wget as explained below. I am surprised there is not a extension that provides a resume feature yet however I imagine one will be coming along in the near future.

Technology Errors

How To mv Files With A Dash: mv: invalid option — 1, Try mv –help for more information

Recently I was moving files from one directory to another on a CentOS 5.4 server and ran into an issue. When attempting to move every single file in the directory I received an error which is noted below. It took me a couple minutes but I figured out by trial and error that the issue was related to files starting with a “-“(dash) because the mv command thought that I was attempting to use a switch. The resolution is easy using “./”. Look at the below examples for more information about the error and how it was resolved.

Technology Insights

Upgrade A Redmine Project Management Installation That Uses MySQL

A friend of mine let me know about a vulnerability in Redmine today so I decided to upgrade to the latest stable release. Upgrading Redmine is easy but figured I would log the exact steps I took to upgrade from Redmine 0.8.3 to Redmine 0.8.7. The installation of Redmine I upgraded is running off of a MySQL database. Also the upgrade is easier since it was a minor version upgrade and didn’t require upgrading Rails, MySQL, or Ruby. The requirements for each Redmine version are located here in case you aren’t sure if you have the correct versions of Rails, Ruby, and MySQL installed.