Technology Insights

Install Planet CCRMA Yum Repository On CentOS 5.X

Recently I was doing some testing with various audio settings on a CentOS Linux desktop and found out fairly quick that many of the packages I needed were not available. After some research I located a repository from Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics called Planet CCRMA which is pronounced karma. Below I describe how to install the CCRMA repo on CentOS Linux so you can use yum to install various audio RPM’s.

Technology Errors

Error Establishing Connection, Error Playing iPhone iPod Music Over Bluetooth On Windows 7 Computer

We wrote an article awhile back on how to synchronize your iPhone with a 64 bit Windows 7 computer and there have been various comments that we wanted to address in a couple different articles. One of those comments was related to an error attempting to play iPhone iPod application music over bluetooth on your Windows 7 computer. After getting some time we were able to duplicate the exact error which is described in detail below along with a couple tricks that can be used to resolve the issue.