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How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Linux

A few weeks ago I wrote a article on disabling the caps lock key in Windows.  I decided since I have been writing some Linux articles I may as well show a way to do the same thing in Linux. Its a short, quick fix but it can be useful if you hate capslock like I do.

Below I outline the steps to disable the key:

Technology Insights

Virtualization on any platform with VirtualBox

In my day to day work, I need to have access to multiple operating systems in order to test various things.  Unfortunatly running multiple desktops gets warm and traveling with multiple laptops gets cumbersome.  I serached out and tried various virtualization technologies that would address my problems.  In the end, after testing VMWare, various Xen ( Xen was purchased by Citrix ) incarnations, I finally settled on VirtualBox. Virtualbox was created and sold by Innotek. Sun eventually bought innotek in February of this year.  VirtualBox allows you to install the software on a base system (called the “host”) and within the software you create multiple virtual computers with different operating systems (called “guests”).