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Manage Your Netflix Instant Queue Directly From Your iPhone or iPod Touch

I have been using various applications on the iPhone for a long time now so I wanted to write about many of the iPhone applications I use on a regular basis. One application that I have recently started using a lot again is iPhlix which I use to manage my Netflix account. The reason I have been using it a lot more is becauseĀ I can queue movies in your Netflix Instant Queue to watch on my Xbox 360. If I am out somewhere waiting for an appointment or waiting at a restaurant it is nice to be able to search movies to queue in my Netflix Instant Queue to watch when I get home. The iPhlix application cost money however it is much more solid than the Phone Flicks application which is free. Below I will describe each application and provide screenshots so you can make the decision if it is worth spending money on iPhlix versus just downloading Phone Flicks for free.